Welcome Tyson


Welcome Tyson

Almost Skateboards Welcomes Tyson Bowerbank to the Team!

Welcome Tyson

Welcome Tyson

Yuri Facchini Almost Skateboards

Yuri Facchini

Sponsors: Almost, Nike SB, Indy, HappyHour, LB Skate

Home: Colombo, Brazil

Age: 19

Most underrated skater: 
JP Souza

Am who should be pro:
Carlos Ribeiro

City for skating: Barcelona

Best food in Brazil:  
Strogonoff, Risoto 

Best food in Long Beach:
Any Mexican spot 

Favorite Music Artist: 
Three Six Mafia
Favorite Website: Transworld & Thrasher Magazine

Recommended Instagram follow: 

Inspiration: My homies
First skate video you saw: 411, can’t remember which one 

"He’s one of the funnest people to skate with. He has both feet on the ground and he is one of the best upcoming skaters at the moment. I’m very proud to be on the team with him and can’t wait to see him kill it for many years!"
 — Youness Amrani